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LEGO Store at Wien Donau Zentrum, Vienna, Austria

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The LEGO® Store
Wien Donau Zentrum
Vienna, Austria

Wagramer Straße 81, #928B
1220 Vienna
Phone: +43-(0)1890 9064
Fax: na

Store Hours:

Monday - Friday: 9:00 am - 8:00 pm
Saturday: 9:00 am - 6:00 pm

Opened in November 13th 2013.

The LEGO Store raises the bar in kid-chic design, innovative displays, in-store family events and consumer-friendly play areas to deliver an engaging, entertaining and fun experience for families.

Pick-A-Brick Wall
Visit the LEGO Store Pick A Brick wall to get the bricks and elements you need in lots of different sizes and colors! Selection varies by store and the elements are always changing – stop by today to see what’s new! You can purchase a small or large Pick A Brick cup and fill it up with whatever you choose from the Pick A Brick wall!

The "Living Room" is an interactive play area positioned in the center of the store designed for hands-on, minds-on play.

Build-A-Mini Tower
Choose from a variety of pieces to create the minifigures you want! Minifigures include a hat or hair and one accessory, plus a variety of different faces, legs, and torsos to customize the minifigure and make it your own! Inventory varies by store; see store for more details.

Digital Out of Box
The Digital Box is integrated into the Brand Ribbon in the LEGO Store and gives the opportunity to see many LEGO sets in 3D on the screen. Try it out on your own, or ask a Brick Specialist for details!

Brand Ribbon
Our "Brand Ribbon" runs the circumference of the store, featuring LEGO model displays, company history & fun facts to entertain guests.

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LEGO website


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